Friday, October 10, 2014

Robo Pup

Once upon a time, there was a robot dog named RoboPup. RoboPup used to be dead. Before he died, his name was Roscoe and he was a good pup. He was 3 years old and his owner, Jason, loved him very much. However, one day, Jason threw a frisbee too close to the road. Roscoe jumped and tried to catch the frisbee. He caught it, but a car caught him. "Roscoe, NOOO!!" Jason screamed. Roscoe did a back flip over the car, but a hot air balloon filled with pirate cats landed on Roscoe, crushing him. When the hot air balloon flew away, Jason was so surprised and devastated that he ran into his room, shut the door, and cried. He sat there for hoIS that!!" "That's Roscoe! I rebuilt him as a robot." Jason's dad said. "I don't want that!" Jason said. "Well, why not? I thought you were sad because he died." Jason's dad replied. "No, I was sad because those cats crushed my frisbee!!" Jason said. Now RoboPup had to be released into the wild. Some say that was the end of Robopup's journey. Some say it was only the beginning. No one ever says it was the middle.
urs in his room and cried in his pillow. Jason's dad was an engineer. He got the corpse of Roscoe and rebuilt him as a robot dog. "Your new name will be RoboPup." Jason's dad said when RoboPup was finished. Jason's dad brought RoboPup to Jason. Jason saw RoboPup and said, "DAD, what
-Adarian, 8th grade

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