Monday, October 27, 2014

The Unknown

You might have heard about it. You might have seen it. You'll never know the difference between it and you. It's everywhere, in your dreams, your life, your reflection. Yes, especially your reflection. That's where you'll always see it. It's there, but your brain, for your own sake. It's too horrible to see, as if you saw Satan face-to-face. Once you see it it never goes away. The sounds you hear at night, creeping, rustling, and what you see moving. You convince yourself, it's the house, it's leaves, it's a bug. It's not, it's what you fear, it's fear itself. You can't escape, those who have tried were killed by fear. A person you all know made a portal for it to come into the world of literature. We know him as Edgar Allen Poe.
- Gavin, 8th grade

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