Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Missing Duck

Hi my name is Kile, and I’m a detective. I live in apartment B-1 on 179 Martin Luther King St. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I have zero siblings and a pet turtle name Mr. Bubbles. But anyways, enough about me; the case I had this weekend was crazy.

It all started on Friday morning, I was heading down stairs to get some fresh towels and then I saw “it” and by “it” I mean the duck. As the elevator doors opened the orange bill duck began to follow me. I became a little frightened, so I asked to speak to someone over at the apartments. I told the how I had found the duck, and he told me that we weren’t allowed to have animals in the apartment. I told him that it wasn’t my pet duck, but he looked at me like I was lying; I was determined to clear my name. So I put up posters asking who had a missing duck, but I had no response. So I went back home and ate my pancakes and fed my pet turtle.

 Then I got dressed to go out into the city to my friend Bill’s house. So as I walked down the street I saw two kids that stayed in B-16. One was a boy about the age five and a girl that was about fifteen. As I was walking down the street I stared at the boy. He looked like he wanted to cry, but he couldn’t (at least not in public). So I continued to walk down the street to get to Bill’s house. In five minutes I was there and I told Bill about the duck problem and he insisted that at midnight I go to every floor from B-1 to B-20 and put the duck by everyone’s door and see what it would do. I said it was silly, but I had to admit I had to do something about. So I went to the corner store on my way home called Bill’s Place and got a cherry soda.

As I walked home I became frightened. And around 10:00 pm I made it back to the apartments and that left me with two hours to solve the case. Around 11:57 went to look for the duck. I found the duck a few minutes later down stairs, in the kitchen, behind the freezer. I went back to the seconed floor that I lived on B-1 to B-16. I got some of my mom’s sewing kit and tide it around his leg and watched him run to every door except one and that was B-16.so I hide behind door B-15 and watched the duck go to door B-16. When the duck made it to the door, he began to quack and peck his bill on the door. The girl opened the door, but I hurried and picked up the duck and ran to my apartment.

That morning I went to their door and I asked if they had a pet duck that was missing, but the girl said no. I saw the boy and his mom in the lobby. The duck ran to the boy and started to quack at the boy, so I asked both of them if they were missing a duck; they both said no. Then I asked if they had any pets where they came from. The woman said, “Yes. We had a duck named Albert, but we had to move and the new apartment didn’t allow any pets". I asked the boy if this was the duck he had given away and he replied, “Yes.” After he gave me an answer, I gave him the pet. I was kind of sad to see him go because he had grown on me. But the boy ended up giving the duck to his class as a class pet and the case was solved.

Since I had done all that work , I thought I deserved some pancakes with a cherry soda on the side, but there was no syrup which began another mystery to be solved.

-Olivia 7th Grade

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