Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Super Bowl 49

Wow!! Super bowl 49 was something everyone was waiting on, it had the largest TV audience of all time and for good reason. The game was good. The whole game the Patriots and Seahawks went head to head. Going into the fourth quarter the Seahawks were up by 10. That all changed when the Patriots got the ball. Tom Brady went down the field so fast it was like a dog was running after him. When they scored the touchdown the score was 21-24 and the game got even more interesting. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks drove down the field fast just like the Patriots had. The game would have been over if it hadn’t been for the Seahawks’ Jermaine Kearse’s incredible catch witch brought them so close to the end zone. With 20 seconds left on the clock the Seahawks were on the 1 yard line and they threw the ball and the Patriots rookie corner back, Malcom Butler, intercepted the ball and that was the end of super bowl 49.
 - Deonte, 8th grade


  1. Very good report. I did not see the game, and have not read anything about until now. You did a very good job of describing the action.

  2. Fantastic report! It gave very great description and informed me about the best parts of the game. Great Job!
    - Donsha